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Shoreline Cafe  & Catering



Ever since we opened our family-owned restaurant in the heart of Branford, we can proudly say that we offer unforgettable dining experiences to our customers. We are passionate about taking great care of our employees, our guests, and our community. Shoreline Café and Catering is a stylish and cozy restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. But if you'd rather enjoy our food in your own setting, we offer a full catering menu for your next private or corporate event.

We have high standards for every ingredient and we put thought into every bite. We're incredibly passionate about our ingredients and want to supply you with the very best. We are dedicated to sourcing and using only the highest quality ingredients. All of the ingredients used in Shoreline Café and Catering come from a select group of suppliers that are trusted and have consistently high food standards. That means a wide variety of only the freshest fruit, vegetables, and meat from farms that uphold high standards of animal welfare.


Our mission is simple: Be the best in what we do and give back to the community that supports us every day. We develop long term, sustainable partnerships not only with our suppliers but with every single person who joins our little family we call Shoreline. We aim to inspire, challenge, comfort and nourish while creating community and fellowship. 

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