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Home Menu


Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Sandwiches

#1 Eggs & cheese on a roll 

#2 Eggs & cheese with bacon, ham or sausage

#3 Shoreline Deli Special - eggs, tomatoes, homefries & jalepeno cheese on a roll

#4 Egg whites with cheese on a roll

#5 Egg whites with mixed veggies on a roll 

Egg Burritos

#6 Eggs & cheese on a grilled wrap

#7 Eggs & cheese with bacon, ham or sausage

#8 Eggs & jalepeno cheese with rice and black beans 

#9 Eggs, cheese & mixed veggies

#10 Eggs, feta cheese & spinach

#11 Egg white burrito with veggies 

Omelets/Grill Cakes/French Toast

#12 Omelet with cheese, toast & home fries 

with additional items .75 each

#13 Texas French Toast $
with fruit 

#14 Grill Cakes 

with fruit

*Steak and Cheese Omelet with toast & home fries

*Veggie & Feta Omelet with toast & home fries

*Caprese (Fresh mozz., tom., basil) Omelet with toast & home fries

Lunch Menu

Salad Bar is self serve, by the pound


#1 Egg Salad Sandwich with lettuce & tomato

#2 Grilled Cheese with bacon and tomato 

Rueben -Cornbeef, pastrami, turkey

#4 Hot Pastrami with onions & cheese on rye

Philly Steak with cooked onions, peppers & cheese 

#6 Grilled Chicken, honey mustard and fresh mozz. on foccoccia 

#7 Grilled Chicken Breast with spinach, roasted red peppers & swiss

#8 Chicken Cutlet with lettuce & tomato

#9 Tuna Melt 

#10 Prosciutto, Grilled Chicken & Provolone 

#11 Turkey Club with lettuce, tomato, mayo & bacon 

#12 Turkey wrap with cranberry, swiss, l, t

Chicken Salad with roasted peppers & bacon 

#14 Roast Beef with horseradish sauce, lettuce & tomato 

#15 BLT with mayo 

#16 Blue Steak Sub - blue cheese dressing & crumbles, roasted red peppers, onions, Lettuce and tomato 

#17 Tuna with bacon, lettuce & tomato 

Buffalo Chicken Breast with hot sauce, blue cheese, lettuce & celery 

#19 Caesar with romaine, croutons in a wrap with STEAK or CHICKEN 

Italian Deli with salami, ham & pepperoni

#21 Chipotle Chicken Cutlet Sub with bacon, jalepeno cheese, l, t

#22 Chicken, Eggplant, or Meatball Parmesan on a sub

Vegetarian Choices

#1 Balsamic Cucumber with fresh mozz., carrots, lettuce, tomato and roasted peppers 

#2 Eggplant with spinach, roasted peppers & feta cheese 

#3 Shoreline Caprese on foccaccia 

#4 Veggie Burger Homemade with lettuce, tomato & hummus 

#5 Falafel Homemade with lettuce, tomato & hummus 


#1 Shoreline Caprese Burger on foccaccia 

Buffalo Blue Cheese Burger with lettuce, tom., raw onions 

#3 Provolone Mushroom Burger 

#4 Roasted Pepper Burger with jalepeno cheese & bacon

#5 BBQ Cheddar Burger

#6 Guacamole Burger with bacon, cheddar, lettuce & tomato

#7 Cajun Salsa Burger with L, t, jalepeno cheese and mushrooms



#1 Pesto Grilled Chicken with fresh mozz., & grilled vegetables


#2 Grilled Chicken & Guacamole with salsa, black beans, jalepeno cheese, sour cream and lettuce


#3 Turkey & Guacamole with swiss, bacon, lettuce & tomato


#4 Fried Fish with tarter sauce, lettuce and tomato


#5 BBQ Chicken Cutlet with bacon, and cheddar

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